Dutch cultural and creative industries join forces in The Open Coalition

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Dutch Design Foundation, Federatie Creatieve Industrie, The Dutch Design Foundation, Federatie Creatieve Industrie, CLICKNL and the Centre of Expertise for Creative Innovation have joined forces in ‘The Open Coalition’. Their goal is to combine knowledge, skills and experience around how the Dutch cultural and creative industries can play a bigger role in solving hyper-complex societal challenges.

The challenges the world is facing reach beyond international borders and demand creativity, solidarity, and collaboration on a broader scale. That’s why EU President Ursula von der Leyen has called for a “new European Bauhaus – a co-creation space where architects, artists, students, engineers, designers work together to make that [wave of European renewal] happen.”

World-class design education, extensive policy making experience (16 years at the Creative Industries Key Sector, CLICKNL and Centres of Expertise Creative Industries), one of the most influential design events in the world (Dutch Design Week, an industry staple since 2002) and so much more is what makes the Netherlands an invaluable partner.

Building on collective experience 

The only thing still missing was a feasible ‘front door’. That’s where The Open Coalition comes in, harnessing the power to research, organise, mobilise, inform and educate professionals in the cultural and creative industries. The founding partners are combining their extensive experience developing and running programmes like What if Labs, World Design Embassies, IDOLS* and Living Labs to implement meaningful systemic interventions that are society led and focused on empowerment.

The coalition will build on collective experience to develop and deploy innovative strategies that increase the quadruple helix collaboration, leading to new skills and insights, new collaborative structures and a more participative society.

Bart Ahsmann, CLICKNL: ‘It’s become clearer than ever that technology alone is not going to save us. Next to key enabling technologies we recently introduced key enabling methodologies (KEM’s) into the innovation space. So far that has worked very well!’

Han Bekke, Chairman Federatie Creatieve Industrie: ‘Collaboration is the new competition. To remain relevant, we have to work together, and that’s something we are very good at. To remain competitive, we need to be able to offer scale, which is why TOC is a good idea!’

Martijn Paulen, Director Dutch Design Foundation: ‘The scale and complexity of the challenges on the one side and the opportunities and possibilities on the other call for new processes, new ideas & dreams, with an urgent need for creativity that can only be effectuated through borderless collaboration.’

Dominique van Ratingen, CoeCI program manager: ‘With CoECI we are proud to be part of the creative coaltion that embraces the human-centred and inclusive approach in the sustainable transition. Creative Innovations will help us to think big and at the same time be pragmatic to actieve the common goals and integrative solutions.’

Join the Open Coalition 

The Open Coalition is now open to new partners, and it's already generated plenty of interest. The New European Bauhaus, which is likely to launch a call later this year, will be TOC’s first event application. Learn more about the initiative on 27 May in an online conference at Pakhuis de Zwijger: Dreaming of sustainable and inclusive city

Note for editors, not for publication:

For more information on The Open Coalition, please contact Marjolein van Vucht (CLICKNL) via marjolein@clicknl.nl, or +31(0)6 27 05 77 04.

About the founding partners:

CLICKNL, , part of the policy of the Dutch ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, is focused on creating connections between research and the creative industry. By increasing the knowledge base for creative professionals, we can build innovative capacity in not only the sector, but across the Netherlands. We are working to develop a national knowledge and innovation agenda for the creative industries, along with supporting field labs, providing funding opportunities for R&D, organising large and small events and keeping our community up to date on important opportunities, news and events. Want to meet us? Our biggest public event is DRIVE: the Design Research & Innovation Festival in October, during Dutch Design Week.

Federatie Creatieve Industrie (FCI) protects the interests of the Dutch creative industries. With the combined expertise of their members, the FCI helps keep the creative industries at the top of the political, economic, and social decision-making agendas. The FCI's efforts are aimed at influencing policy, protecting interests and strengthening the creative sector, and innovation, talent and internationalisation are our core values. The FCI brings their members together to facilitate valuable connections and partnerships that generate new ideas and promote creative as well as commercial success, contributing to the overall quality and growth of our economy.

Dutch Design Foundation (DDF) is optimistic and believes that the problem-solving capacity of designers can improve the world. That’s why DDF offers designers opportunities, support, publicity and a platform. How do we do that? In a variety of ways. From large and small events and exhibitions to talks, prizes and debates, DDF provides a platform for the best and most promising designers,  helping them reach more people with their ideas and work. The foundation organises a wide range of events and projects, including Dutch Design Week, World Design Embassies, the Dutch Design Awards, and Design Works. DDF stimulates and inspires, reaching well beyond the Netherlands.

Centre of Expertise for Creative Innovation (CoECI) is a knowledge network for the creative industry that uses art, media, technology & design to build a sustainable, inclusive, participatory and metropolitan society. At CoECI, students and researchers work in tandem with partners from industry, civic organizations and governments, using our creative methods, techniques, strategies and products to guide and shape social transitions and achieve sustainable impact. Our goal: to work in an ecosystem building applicable innovative solutions and training professionals for the world of tomorrow.

New European Bauhaus The New European Bauhaus is an initiative from the European Commission that calls on the cultural and creative industries to build a green and social Europe, combining sustainability with good design. It is aimed at helping all Europeans make the Green Deal a reality. 

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