CREATING GROWTH: Measuring cultural and creative markets in the EU

'The creative and cultural industries (CCIs) have shown exceptional resilience to the economic crisis and are well-placed to grow further in the future due to their role as forerunners in digital innovation.' Dat beweert in Creating Growth.Uit datzelfde rapport nog wat kengetallen:

  • €535.9 billion in turnover
  • 7.1 million jobs
  • Grew even through economic hardship
  • Rely heavily on a local workforce
  • Include many of the world’s industry leaders
  • Are forerunners in embracing and contributing to the digital market

En besluit met de aanbevelingen 'With such a strong economic and cultural base, Europe can greatly benefit from the promotion of CCIs and the following solutions designed to encourage further growth in the sector:

  • Maintain an intellectual property system that sustains creativity and ensures a return on investment'
  • Re-balance the current value transfer that mainly benefits online intermediaries
  • Encourage government support, as it provides an invaluable leveraging effect on private investment
  • Unlock SMEs’ potential by finding solutions to fill financing gaps
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